You Have Time…

Retirement from a regular job usually means there is less stress in the day. There is no clock to punch, no bell to jump up to, no time sheet to hand in, no scheduled early morning meetings, no work through lunch meetings, and the list could go on.

Anything that is scheduled is done so by you. IF you want to work part-time you can. IF you want early morning meetings you can schedule them. Anything that you do is done by choice – your choice of activity and time. You can choose how busy you want to be, what you want to be involved with, and how much energy you want to put into activities.

You can also choose not to be too busy. You can spend time alone – gardening, reading, meditating, exercising, etc. You can enjoy leisurely mornings reading and writing, or spend early mornings walking and biking. You can go to bed early in the evening or read until the wee hours of the night and get up when you have slept enough.

The best part of scheduling your day is that YOU HAVE TIME… Time to do what you want. Time to listen to a friend who is going through some tough times. Time to take your neighbour to an appointment. Time to chat with the senior citizen down the street. Time to say a few words to the little boy or girl at the grocery store. Time to bring flowers to a person shut in at home. Time to bake muffins to share with a retired colleague over coffee. Time to decorate cupcakes. This is the best part of all – having time!


Short Lines

One of the benefits of being retired is that you can do all of your errands during the day (morning OR afternoon) when everyone else is at school or at work. There is more room in the aisles, the noise level is lower, and the line ups are shorter when you get to the checkout. Wherever you do your banking, grocery shopping, etc., you have to gage to see when all the other retirees are doing their errands. If everyone else does it first thing in the morning, maybe first thing in the afternoon is better for you to get the shorter lines.

You don’t have to book months in advance to get a doctor or dentist appointment first thing in the morning or at the end of the day. Saying that you are flexible is music to a receptionist’s ears.

You can meet someone for lunch at 11:30 and beat the lunch crowd. You will have to watch your scheduling at the coffee shops. If you want to visit with lots of people, go when everyone else does. If you want a quiet get together with one or two others, go before or after the retiree crowd.

There is a time that suits everyone!

Where to start?

When I retired, I was very tired. And so I decided not to make any commitments to volunteer or to join an organization for a year. I slept lots and read, read and read some more! I read childrens’ classics I had not read. I read inspirational books and books that made me laugh. I read mysteries and dramas. And most of all, I loved reading as I watched the snow fly outside my living room window, in my warm house, sipping a cup of tea. No schedule, no bell, no responsibilities for or to anyone. I got lost – ┬áin the world of words, in pictures in my head of far away places, in conversations with people of distant times and those living in the present, in the smells of a desert storm and the feast in a quaint hidden away village. I cried and I laughed, pondered and debated.

What a great way to rest, relax and regain momentum for the next step in retirement!

The First Day

I have been retired for 6 years and I would like to share some of the many fun things I have done in retirement. Hopefully someone will get an idea they had not thought of.

On this first day of the school year the retired teachers from the two schools where I taught get together – one group for brunch and the other for lunch. We don’t do this to laugh and joke about those still teaching. We do this to maintain the friendships we shared through our years of teaching, through the good times and the not so good times. We watched our own children grow up, as well as those we taught, and it is good to connect and see where everyone is and what they are doing. It is a time for sharing the many memories we made together through the years. And to remember those that aren’t with us any more.

Another good day today – of sharing past memories and current experiences.